Rapid Ways to Reorder

Incredibly fast ways to re-order from 'My Account'

  1. My Order History
  2. What I Frequently Purchase
  3. My Favorites List
  4. Or skip them all and set up Auto Restock!

My Order History
All previous orders are saved under your Account in a list called "My Orders". They are listed by the order date, order number, Ship To Person, Order Total and Status. The last column is called Action.  Here is how to Reorder Rapidly from your Order History. Click the Reorder Link, and all items from that order will be added to your Shopping Cart. From within your cart you can then update QTY, remove items and add new items. Then Proceed to Checkout.

Frequently Purchased List

This list is created for you as you shop.  Here you will find the a list by Item purchased, the Last Order date and QTY ordered.  By going down the list you can add the QTY to the items you want in your current order, and with a Single Click on the Add All to Cart button, you can quickly fill your shopping cart.  This is the perfect Tool for a company user that may not be familiar with the last orders or the most ordered items.  A Real Time Saver!

My Favorites LIst

Creating a My Favorite list while you shop is also a great way to speed up future ordering.  When you find a product you want to order this time, or maybe in the future, just click the Heart Favorite Heart, to add it to your Favorite List. 
The Favorite LIst is so easy to Order from - you can add one item at a time, or as many items as you want with one click of the Add All to Cart button.  The list also lets you leave notes to yourself, so you can remenber if this is one you order every time, or once a month, or if you need to order a set amount each time.
Another great feature to love, is that you can quickly see if an item is already on your list, because the Heart Favorite Red Heartwill be Red for that item anywhere it is found on the website.  

Or Skip Right to Auto Restock - and "Fuhgeddaboudit!"

You can set up a Auto Restock by the Item.  So if you need more Sugar or Creamer each month than you do Coffee, you can set up different times for your Order to Ship.  Maybe you need Sugar twice a month and Coffee 3 times a month.  This Auto Restock program lets you control each item and its delivery date.  It simply can't get any more convienient. You can Pause your Auto Restock at any time.  So you don't have to cancel it.  You can change it or cancel it.  And now that you can manage your credit card, there is no more failed orders, so long as you card it kept up to date.  This is one of the Best Programs in the industry.  So give it a try!

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